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Reasons to buy a trampoline this Christmas!

Reasons to buy a trampoline this Christmas!

Here at TP Toys we love Christmas! With winter fast approaching buying a trampoline may not make it to the top of your Christmas list; however a trampoline can provide lots of fun and laughter for the whole family. We can think of plenty of reasons why buying a trampoline this Christmas will make the perfect gift and here is why…

Fun with the family

Purchasing a trampoline provides fun and enjoyment for the little ones all year round. But trampolining doesn't have to be restricted to the children, adults can have fun bouncing too! Spending time with your children without the distraction of consoles and gadgets can be a challenge and a difficult barrier to overcome, encourage family activities by creating your own fun. Competitions such as: "Who can do the most bounces within a minute," will encourage opportunities for much needed family time!

Exercise & Health

Let's face it, winter is a cold season where all we want to do is snuggle up inside and keep warm. It may be a little cold outside, but children will soon warm up after a few bounces on a trampoline! Purchasing a trampoline not only encourages outdoor exercise, but it stimulates: Fitness, flexibility, coordination, balance and confidence…phew! After all that exercise your child is guaranteed to sleep better as all that pent up energy will have been bounced away. If your new years resolution is to lose a little weight or get more active try having a bounce yourself! Set yourself weekly goals…the more you bounce = the more calories you burn!

Cost Saving

Christmas is an exciting time and there is nothing better than picking the perfect present for a loved one and seeing their face light up on Christmas morning. However, it isn't always cheap or easy. We all have at least one relative which we find a challenge to buy for, plus it can become expensive when you have multiple children on your shopping list!

Make your gift a little more special this year by investing in a product where you get more value for money. Take the opportunity to split the cost with other relatives to buy a joint present for all the children. It could be quite expensive to buy a trampoline for your son or daughters birthday, especially with all the other birthdays throughout the year - buying a joint present will help encourage children to share an item and hopefully put less expense on you throughout the rest of the year!

 Fun for all ages!

While our big trampolines are only suited for children 6+ little bouncers can join in the fun too, with our Early Fun Trampoline! Bouncing on the Early Fun Trampoline can improve the balance and coordination skills of babies from just 12months old! The product is easy to move and can be used indoor and out; making it an ideal gift this Christmas! 


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