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Help Choosing Your Trampoline

What to consider when looking at Trampolines for your family

Large trampolines have become the must-have outdoor toy for older children, from 6 years old.  As a leading manufacturer, the TP customer advice line receives hundreds of calls each year seeking advice about trampoline purchases. The most common questions and answers we deal with are listed below to help you decide what’s best for your family.

Trampolines all look the same in a photograph but there is often a big price difference. What should I be looking for to be sure I’m getting good value for money?

Check the specification of the trampolines that you are considering very carefully. Trampolines can look the same but they are very different!  It is very easy to find out how they differ. A good retailer should be able to answer all these important questions.

Start with the most important question….what is my guarantee?  

Believe it or not, some trampolines come with just a 90 day warranty on the safety surround, so you will be buying a new enclosure before one summer is out!  If the guarantee information isn’t on the website of the retailer or the manufacturer, please ring them up or email them and ask them.  And be specific. If it’s a one year guarantee, does that one year cover all parts? Or is there one year on the frame and 6 months on all other parts?  It is really important you know how long a manufacturer is prepared to back its own product and when you are likely to have to spend more hard earned money replacing parts.

What about the trampoline frame?

Is it made from heavy duty galvanised steel, therefore suitable for all year round use? As a guide to the likely strength of the steel, ask the weight of the trampoline in its box. Generally the heavier, the better

How about the trampoline springs?

Quite simply, the better the spring, the better the bounce. Ask how many, how long and how strong? The low cost springs used in cheaper trampolines lose their memory especially if used by adults. A trampoline that will not spring back to its original shape is soon a disappointment and of little value.

And the trampoline mat?

Check that the surface of the mat is non-abrasive to ensure it doesn’t hurt your child’s skin. Ask how the springs attach to the mat. A D ring system of attachment, rather than hooking the spring directly into the material, will greatly extend the life of the mat.

The big decision…..trampoline Pads or no Pads!

Standard trampolines are supplied with pads to cover the springs. These pads protect the jumper when using the trampoline so check their thickness, if they are made from material that will last  and if they do not absorb water. TP’s SurroundSafe system has removed the need for pads altogether by enclosing the springs entirely and so keeping the jumper away from any contact.

And finally, the trampoline enclosure ….

A trampoline enclosure will get lots of wear and tear so make sure its guarantee is more than 3 months! If your enclosure has a zip entry be aware these need to be good quality zips to withstand lots of use. TP has developed a patented zip free entry system called ‘the igloo’ on its premier Genius trampoline ranges.  A fun, crawl through tunnel replaces a conventional zip. 


Lots of places now sell trampolines. Does it matter who I buy my trampoline from?

It is important to buy the right trampoline both for you now and as your family grows. Therefore, the advice of an expert (someone who has been selling outdoor toys for a long time) can be invaluable. You will expect your trampoline to give your family years of fun. So, perhaps more importantly, it is wise to buy one made by a reputable manufacturer who will be there to provide after sales support both now and in the future. Your trampoline will have a warranty of some kind. Does it cover “normal wear and tear”? Some don’t. A guarantee is only of value if the supplier of that warranty is still around to honour it.

My child is nearly three. Shall I buy a big trampoline that they will grow into?

Big trampolines areonly recommended for children aged 6 years and over because of the height off the ground and the very significant, uncontrollable forces involved in trampolining. However, it is a shame to waste the opportunity for your child to reap the benefits of outdoor play now. Instead we suggest that you choose equipment geared more to their current physical needs and capabilities. Climbing, swinging, and sliding are all activities which younger children love and are appropriate to their developmental needs. Equipment based around these activities would be a more appropriate choice. 

Alternatively, at TP Toys we do sell the Early Fun Trampoline, perfect for bouncers 12 months +

You see a lot about weight limits on trampolines. How important are these?

Weight limits are important because they indicate the strength and durability of the trampoline. Responsible manufacturers will always err on the side of caution with weight recommendations. For example, an athletic 60kg teenager will pose a greater challenge to the robustness of a trampoline than a sedate 80kg adult. Quite simply, the greater the height achieved by the bouncer, the greater the loading on the springs. It is worth investing in a trampoline with a weight limit well in excess of your current needs. As families grow, users will get heavier not lighter. 

Can weight limits apply to the combined weight of two people jumping on the trampoline?

As for whether the weight limit can refer to more than one user, clearly it could, but we very strongly advise against multiple person use as this is the most common cause of accidents on trampolines. It can result in collisions or falls due to the bounce of one trampolinist destabilising another, especially where there is a significant weight difference between the jumpers. Evidence from published international studies indicates multiple person use of any large trampoline, whatever the shape, size or make, is potentially dangerous

As a responsible manufacturer we think it is important to highlight important safety issues you should take into account when considering the purchase of a large trampoline. Trampolining without due regard to them can result in serious accidents.

Trampoline Safety Guidelines

Every TP large trampoline is supplied with detailed  safety guidelines. Please follow them. Supervise your children at all times when they are using the trampoline. Do not attempt somersaults or advanced moves without qualified supervision. Landing on the head or neck can cause very serious injuries.

Only allow one person at a time on your trampoline. Children will want to bounce together. The quality construction of TP Trampolines result in weight recommendations that make that easily possible. Other less responsible manufacturers will often recommend multi-person bouncing as a marketing ploy. However evidence from published international studies indicates multiple person use of any large trampoline, whatever its size, shape or make, is potentially dangerous. It can result in collisions or falls due to the bounce of one trampolinist de-stabilising another, especially where there is a significant weight difference between the jumpers.


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