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Promotions exceptionnelles pour l'arrivée du printemps
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Happy 60th Birthday TP!

Happy Birthday to You

Happy Birthday to You

Happy Birthday Dear TP

Happy Birthday to You!


The year is 1959, innovation is on the horizon. The UK starts using postcodes and opens the first section of the M1 motorway! Disney injects some magic in the world with the release of Sleeping Beauty and future celebrities Emma Thompson, Simon Cowell and Sarah the Duchess of York are born.

However, the most exciting moment of 1959 was the birth of TP Toys!

1959 saw the first Hula Hoop craze begin. Our founders, have access to a supply of semi-rigid plastic tubing which they make into hoops at home and sell from their cars. With the £200 profit they began to develop products which could be made from plastic-sleeved steel tubing, thus Tube Plastics – TP was born!

60 years on since our humble beginnings, TP leads the way in outdoor toys. Now part of the Mookie Family, the home of Swingball, the TP range includes Trampolines, Climbing Frames, Swing Sets, Playhouses, Slides, Sandpits and much, much more.

It’s been 60 years of Fun at TP Toys. Have a look below at some of our highlights or click here for the full TP history.


TP is born with their release of a simple hula hoop!


TP Launch their first ever swing.


The first TP designed product is patented - the Single Tower Climbing Set. This initial innovatory design is developed to offer multi tower options and a big range of accessories. It’s the start of the modularity that will become the hallmark of TP outdoor playsets. In the same year the UK's first mini trampolines are designed and manufactured by TP!


TP becomes the the first UK manufacturer to make slides out of fibreglass.


 John Lewis become stockists of the TP range.


TP expand their range for nurseries and playgroups.


The Slippy Slide, the forerunner of today’s Aqua Slide, is patented and included in the TP range.


TP are awarded the accolade of Best British Toy Company 1993 by the National Association of Toy Retailers.

1998 launches on the world wide web!


TP commission the largest injection moulding tool ever made for the toy industry and create the new CrazyWavy slide


The Kingswood range of wooden climbing frames is added to the range and for the first time it is possible to ‘grow’ a wooden climbing frame.


TP is now part of the family of Mookie Toys, the home of the UK’s No1 outdoor toy, Swingball.


TP’s innovation in trampoline design culminates in the launch of the new igloo door. Getting in and out of a trampoline has never been so much fun!


TP delivers their first ever TV advert .


New QuadPod arrives, the new 4 in 1 swing seat which can be used from 6months old.


The TP Design Barn opens in the beautiful Worcestershire countryside, home to TP’s in-house design team.


TP launches their range of award winning Mud Kitchens and Loft Houses.


TP turns 60 years old! Still as Innovative as ever, TP delivers a new range of Mud Kitchen Accessories that can be added to the side of wooden playhouses, adding a whole new world of fun. The fun continues with the revolutionary 3 in 1 Activity Swing Seat, fully equipped with 3 modes that allows you to swing, stand and hang! 2019 has lots more surprises still to come, so stay tuned!

Here’s to the next 60 years of play!

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