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Owning a trampoline - The benefits you may not know about!

In November 2016, we asked 42 trampoline owners if having a trampoline had helped encourage their child's…

1) General Fitness

2) Balance & Coordination

3) Time spent outdoors

4) Social Interaction

5) Time away from other gadgets

The results were extremely positive, it's clear from the survey that owning a trampoline helps encourage children in many ways, whether to simply get more active, encourage their general confidence or help develop their balance and coordination.

We can see from the below graph that a whopping 92% of parents felt that their children spent more time away from gadgets since their purchase; 90% noticed their children spent more time outdoors!


Not only this...

88% of parents believe their little ones sleep better after a bit of bouncing!




What would influence you to buy a trampoline? What benefits could your children gain?