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Promotions exceptionnelles pour l'arrivée du printemps
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Enjoy Family Fun this Half Term

It’s that time again. School holidays come around quick don’t they? But there is no reason the holidays cant be filled with lots of family fun, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune either!

Here at TP we have been thinking about different play ideas to keep the kids entertained through the holidays, and including Mum and Dad in the fun too.  These are some of our favourite ideas:

Hold your own sports day!

Get practicing for the real thing at home during the holidays. There is very little equipment needed and if your short on space in the garden you can head down to a local park. You will need some tape or a ribbon as the finish line and maybe some to mark the start line too. Then the kids can simply run to the finish when Mum shouts ‘GO!’ Perhaps then Mum and Dad should go head to head?

Then add a little something extra to the races - a few spoons, hard-boiled eggs and a bit of skill is all that’s needed for an egg and spoon race!

Need more competitors? Get friends involved and create teams for a wheelbarrow or 3-legged race!

You could always print your own certificates to give out to the winners too!

Learn about Nature.

There is so much to learn about just in the local park or even your back garden!

Why not get outside and go exploring! Take a look at the different trees. Try and spot all sorts of different insects and animals. How about getting a book out from the local library about flowers and look up each one you find on your adventures? Or maybe get crafty as well and get the kids drawing the different things they find while out exploring.

Using their imagination.

Encourage the kids to find their inner playwrights and actors! Set them a challenge to use what’s around them in the garden as props, settings or characters and let their imagination run wild as they plan and rehearse a performance for their captive audience! (Parents and Grandparents!)

And if the weather isn’t the best, this activity can easily be moved indoors too!